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May 22, 2017

Nashville Food Blogger - The Moody Foody

Welcome to my blog, I am The Moody Foody. I don’t think that I am your typical food blogger or Instagram foodie. This is all about trying to bring some originality and share a fun experience. You are not going to find the stereotypical captions, pictures, and write ups here.  

There’s not going to be any overhead shots of dishes or generic captions. Everything you see and read is authentic, original, and creative. This started originally as an outlet for my creativity. My background is in marketing, so this came naturally to me.  I have always seen the world from a different point of view and I think that is reflected in my work.   

If you had told me a year ago that I would be an instagrammer and blogging on my own website, I would have said you were crazy. For as much as people suggested I do this, I fought it. Then one day I was thinking of a fun hobby to take up and thought of the name “The Moody Foody". I was already eating, drinking and traveling to cool places anyway, so it came naturally to share my experiences. Plus if you ask my wife, she will agree that the name fits me. 

Downtown Nashville
Shot of Downtown Nashville

My first experience with writing about my adventures started with a trip to a major city and a highly acclaimed restaurant.  I will leave both unmentioned as they are irrelevant to the story and I don’t care to give them a free plug.  I had read so much national praise about this establishment, our party of four highly anticipated the food for a while prior.  It turned out to be one of the worst experiences we had ever had as well as one of the most expensive.  

They say that if you have a good experience you tell a few people, but if you have a bad experience you’ll tell everybody.  This statement rings very true.  That encounter spurred me to start writing on Trip Advisor and that was my first post.  I think I might have actually posted that experience to a few other places as well.  

After writing for a while on Trip Advisor, I started getting more into Instagram.  Not long after I started my account, I was approached by to do some blogging.  I hadn’t done anything like that before, but it was such a fun side gig that I decide to start my own website to expand and grow my brand.

I will go and try things so that either you don’t have to, or to help guide you to check out new things.      

I put as much time and energy into my captions as I do my photos.I hope that you enjoy my style, humor, and perspective.

Thanks for joining me on this ride. Everything I do in my culinary adventures is for my readers.

The Moody Foody

From Nashville. I like food, traveling for new food, and taking pictures of food.

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