Hawkers Asian Street Food Nashville restaurant review

October 12, 2020

Days after my last food event in March I would have a broken foot, be unemployed, turn 40 at home, and get locked down during a global pandemic.

The last food event I attended was back in March at Tennessee Flavors. It was a simpler time back then. What a world. Crazy to think how much has changed since then, including priorities.

As I’ve been spending more time with my daughter (The Moody Food Jr.) recently during COVID, we've bonded a lot more. She’s also become more open to trying foods and is always up for an adventure. I think overall she does very well in restaurants and I love taking her with me when I can. It is very special to me to share these memories with her and bond over food. It’s one of the main reasons I have this food hobby and this was her first real food event.

bar area at Hawkers in East Nashville
Bar area
Gin Fizz at Hawkers in East Nashville
Favorite drink was the Gin Fizz

This past weekend we attend a preview of the new Hawkers Asian Street food in East Nashville as a family. Everyone loved it and we plan on getting back again opening week. The Nashville location is their 10th one and all the locations are different. We heard from a server from the Orlando location that this one was the coolest one she’s seen. I would have to agree.

neon fish sign at Hawkers in East Nashville
Ganbei is the Chinese equivalent of the English "cheers" but with slightly different implications.
indoor decor at Hawkers in East Nashville
Tons of cool wall art
wall mural outside Hawkers in East Nashville
Even the outside has a cool wall mural
neon sign at Hawkers in East Nashville
Perfect backdrop for that noods pic
dragon wall mural at Hawkers in East Nashville
Cool dragon wall art by the WC

One of the first things you might notice is the vibe when you walk in. There are pictures, murals, and cool neon signs all over the walls with the accompaniment of some loud music. You really get a street food vibe. We learned while we were chatting with another friendly member of the staff that they have an in-house neon maker. They make all their own signs and there are some very cool pictures for your Instagram.

There is an extensive, fun cocktail menu that is also filled with sake, wine, Japanese whisky, and craft brews.

When it comes to food, they have just about everyone covered. There is a great selection of small plates and light tapas bites. The heartier dishes cover noodles, noodle soups, meat + seafood, and rice & curry.

We had a number of dishes and the highlights for us were the Roti or Malaysian flatbread with their signature curry sauce for dipping and the bulgogi beef street skewers.

Hot Chicken Steamed Baos at Hawkers in East Nashville
Hot Chicken Steamed Baos
Yaki Udon at Hawkers in East Nashville
Yaki Udon
spice tray for extra heat
Spice tray - love the top left, it's like a hot giadiniera

I would also say that both the Hot Chicken Steamed Baos and the Yaki Udon were both very good, but lacked some spice and heat. There is a nice spice tray they will bring out for you to help bring the heat! Those bao buns though were probably the best that I’ve had in town.

Cool tip - get a togo cup. There a special phone number on it. When you call there's a message from one of the owner. Pretty neat!

Two big thumbs up from The Moody Foody Jr.
Two big thumbs up from us!

This is a much-needed addition to the Nashville culinary scene. It’s fresh, bright, and loud with a hip patio. It fits well as a family place, happy hour destination, girls night or date night. The vibe's adaptable and the food is very approachable with a nice mix of familiar and inventive. I will be returning very soon to try more of that menu.

The Moody Foody

From Nashville. I like food, traveling for new food, and taking pictures of food.

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