About the Moody Foody.
We love food.

Food is life and life is food. I started blogging and socially documenting my foodie journey to share this with everybody. Food brings people together. Food unites us. My food journey takes me all over the country and hopefully farther in the future. It has opened doors that I couldn't have dreamed of. My goal here is to unite, share experiences, and help open peoples minds to the new and different while having some fun doing it!  

There are so many great meals and foods out there. Food doesn’t have to be 4 stars to be good. Sometimes the best food and meals are the out of the way, hole in the wall, or unexpected places. It doesn’t matter if the meal is $200 or $2, both can be equally great in their own way and provide experiences that the other one can’t.  

Dessert from Pastry Chef Rebekah Turshen at City House The Moody Foody
Dessert from Pastry Chef Rebekah Turshen at City House

On a visit to Toronto a little while back I did a bunch of research and planning destinations out. Of course, there’s this cheese cave there that you have to go to, but one of the best meals I had there was just out walking in a new neighborhood and popping in a random Thai place. That experience wouldn't have happened if I wasn’t as adventurous and open. 

I have a business and marketing background, including some advertising awards for copywriting. I enjoy writing creative copy and short jingles. Sure it's easy to write something quippy and funny about a hamburger or a donut one time, but when you try and do that 10 different times, that is where you really push to come up with great captions. Those are the ones that make you think hard that are usually the best. One time I ate some fried plantains. They were good and the picture was also good. It was the caption that got me. It took months of staring at that picture before one day it just hit me. I enjoy those. They make me laugh and amuse me.

There are enough overhead shots of food or a sandwich folded in half out there. I am working to bring a different perspective and approach. I enjoy finding a new picture and new angle.  

In closing, I will borrow a little quote from Andrew Zimmer. "Please be a food traveler, not a food tourist."

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